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A Brief Introduction to the Hedge Fund with a Difference

The hedge fund market has long been misunderstood by many who do not have proper grasp of the way the capital market works. However with a little understanding of the way the market works one can make major profit in the segment. The hedge fund market is not too different from the mutual fund market, and many investors who have sound knowledge about how the capital market performs and what are the factors that define the performance of the funds invested in the market can make major profit from the same. It was thus no wonder when the much acclaimed personality Dr. Said Haidar entered the field with his own venture by the name of Haidar Capital Management, a limited liability company.

Dr. Said Haidar had earlier completed his studies from the prestigious Harvard University. He earned his doctoral degree from the University of Chicago. The Harvard Graduate then went on to create a glorious stint in the corporate world, first as the Senior Vice President of Lehman Brothers from 1989 to 1994 and then as the Director of CSFB between 1994 and 1997.

Having an unprecedented knowledge and acumen about the hedge fund market and an unparalleled understanding of the securities and capital market, he started his own venture with Haidar Capital Management, LLC. Haidar Capital Management grew rapidly under his able leadership and soon became one of the top capital market portfolio management firms in New York. The firm soon created a number of subsidiaries and grew through the network and created a niche for themselves in the market. Haidar Capital Management became the portfolio manager of top individuals with high investment in the market. The client list also included major family businesses and other corporate houses. The business grew steadily but rapidly and before long Haidar Capital Management had a prestigious position for itself.

The high volume of workers at Haidar Capital Management also created huge job opportunities for the experienced as well as the fresher. During the time of the recession, when every market was hit terribly, it was the timely and proper decisions of the portfolio managers working at Haidar Capital Management, the brainchild of Said Haider that saved the investors from incurring heavy losses. The company also acted as a major platform for the professionals in the time of the downturn of the market and help in battling the odds during the recession.

While speaking of the working of the hedge fund portfolio managers, it is common to refer to the various types of practices that are employed by different managers. The main thing is that the managers need to have a great knowledge of the market. Based on the understanding of the market and the trends of the market, it is required that the portfolio managers make such strategies which will help them better manage the investments in case of any emergency or downturn. Haidar Capital Management has employed efficient managers who have been trained by the best to best utilise the financial resources of their clients.

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