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6 Things Your Hairstylist Will Not Tell You!

Just saw your favorite celebrity in a gorgeous new hairstyle? Did your best friend get an amazing new hair cut? Do you wish to make heads turn everywhere you go? Well, I don’t blame you! I have been guilty of these thoughts myself! Every person wants to look just as sharp and presentable as our Hollywood A-listers on the red carpet. Your hair plays a big role in your overall presentation. And when I say hair, I mean good hair, in fact, great hair! The benefits of having great hair are numerous, but having great hair doesn’t come at an easy price. There is so much that we have to go through just to get that perfect hairstyle.

The next time you walk into a salon with a magazine displaying your latest hairstyle obsession, do keep in mind the following basics that no hairstylist would be telling you, but you’ve to consider anyhow:

You thought awesome hair comes just like that?

Sadly, coming up with an enviable hairdo is not an easy task. It takes a lot of work, patience and time, both for you and your stylist. I know that sitting through a long session is quite boring, but for the love of an elegant haircut, you’ll just have to go with the flow. After all, all that work and time will finally pay off when you step out with the haircut of your dreams.

Celebrities have bad hair days too!

Remember those days when all you wanted to do is tie up your hair and put on a hat! Well, you’re not alone. Celebrities too have some rough hair days! And, what's more, many celebrities deal with the same hair problems that most of us do. Brittle hair, no volume, breakage, all this applies to them as well. But to keep up with their image, they invest huge dollars in expensive stylists and various products and processes. If you want to have the celebrity like hair all the time, you would probably end up spending a lot of money, and damaging your hair’s natural features. Keeping up with latest hairstyles is good, just be careful not to overdo it.

There is only one right way to use a product

Yes, there is a good reason products have a ‘directions for application’ section on their back label. More than often, we tend to overlook these directions and end up using the products the improper way. It is important to do as directed to get the results the product is promising.

Sometimes, only a haircut is not enough!

So, you just got a brand new haircut and are looking fabulous. But you end up tying your hair the usual way. That is not good. Now that you’ve got a new haircut, it could be better if you experimented with some new styles as well. If you feel too unsure, it is never a bad idea to ask your hairstylist for help.

Perfect hair takes practice

Don’t you just love what your hairstylist does to your hair? And how often have you wondered why your work never turned out like that? Well, simple! It’s all about the practice. The more you practice, the better you will be at self-hairstyling!

Sadly, there are a few limitations

Sometimes you just don’t have those extra minutes to style your hair the way you want. This happens more often than you would’ve thought. And then you end up blaming your hairstylist for giving you a worthless hairdo. Well, it is practically not possible to style your hair always with the same time and effort as your stylist did. So, the next time you visit, ask for a more convenient styling.

Lastly, all your hairstylist wants is for you to love your hair! Your hairstylist isn’t satisfied unless you aren’t. Your new hairstyle is not merely few hours or dollars for them, but a representation of their skill and experience. All they desire is your appreciation and acknowledgment of their work and some positive word-of-mouth.

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