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6 New Ways Bloggers are Making Money Online

Making money from home used to seem like just a dream that everyone fantasized about, but today, more and more people are realizing that this can be their reality. More specifically, people are making a profitable living from blogging online.

It is easy for a lot of people to be skeptical of this line of work, but there are a lot of new tools and tricks that can allow people to earn a good amount of money each month from their blog. Everyone can use these ideas as a side job or a full-time career. Here are six new ways bloggers are making money online.

Advertise outside of the web

Even though web ads may seem like the best and only option for blogs, advertising offline is actually getting new and old blogs a lot of recognition. Everyone can look at old advertising options like TV and radio to help spread the word about their site across a different platform. Look at for some of the best TV options.

Make an e-book

In addition to writing a post every day or week, many bloggers will find more immediate and valuable reward from selling a short e-book. This is an easy addition to most websites and can be a great way for anyone to delve deeper into their specialty for their readers.

Learn the new rules for SEO

The SEO game has changed a lot in the past few years. Because of these changes, many bloggers think that SEO does not work for them anyone, but the exact opposite is true. Everyone needs to learn the new rules for SEO in their posts in order to keep getting results from these practices. This means working with Googles rules and creating better options for the reader.

Sell better ad space on the blog

Selling ad space is no new technique for making money on any website. However, bloggers are often too specific with the space they are selling and who they are selling that space too for their blog. It might be time to change things up slightly to sell more ad space for higher prices that will increase revenue and popularity for the blog.

Put the necessary time into crafting each post

It is a trick that people have been saying for years, but it seems to be the easiest one for bloggers to forget. It is essential to keep putting in the time necessary to create every post in the best way possible. This means not only great content, but also including all the necessary features and tags to get some real exposure for the post.

Share insider tips and tricks

Because there are a lot more blog sites out there today, it is important for people to be very specific in what they can offer the readers, particularly something that no other blog can offer them. In most cases, this means inside information or a new perspective on a popular topic, like a travel blog.

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