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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Stress About College Admissions

Putting in applications to schools like the University of Southern California can be nerve wrecking, but does it have to be? Sure, you really want to get into specific schools and feel you're not cut out to be accepted. But you do all you can anyway to make your application and admissions essay shine. Your teachers and parents tell you to not stress the whole ordeal, but it's very hard not to wonder if you're going to get in somewhere or not. This is the first step to setting up the foundation of your future career, and you don't want to fall behind or end up in a mediocre school.

However, you shouldn't stress too much about college admissions because one, it's unhealthy, and two there are plenty of other reasons why you shouldn't. Here's a quick look at some of the reasons why stressing about college admissions is a no-go.

You're Doing the Best You Can

There's only but so much you can do to get the attention of the admissions deans at the schools you're applying to. You've studied hard for the SATs and scored as high as possible, and maybe even retook them once or twice to make sure. You've completely filled out the application forms, wrote the best essay you could and submitted everything within the deadline the school set. At this point, there's nothing else you can do, but wait. There's no sense in fretting about things that are beyond your control. It will only eat you alive and cause you unnecessary worry.

The School You Go to Doesn't Make You Who You Are

You are not your college and your college isn't you. It's okay if you end up in a school near the bottom of your list - this doesn't show a measure of your character. You should try choosing colleges more carefully, to prevent feeling down about being accepted in a school you've applied to. Try to think of all the things that can make attending a school less-than-satisfactory, such as the weather, the location and the cost. Remember, thousands of kids are vying for the top-tier schools, so getting in is a matter of luck. It doesn't mean you weren't accepted because you're not good enough - it just means the school met their quota for the year. Today, Ivy League schools aren't a must to get a great-paying job.

There Are Other Things to Focus On

College is important, but it's not the only thing you should be focusing on. Do something fun or partake in a hobby while you're waiting to hear back. You don't want to sit around looking for the mailman or checking your email inbox everyday. There's more the life than school.

College is Going to Be Great No Matter What

This is your time to be an adult, living out on your own in the real world. It's going to a little scary, but tons of fun, so focus on the things you'll need for your dorm or apartment.

Your Stress Will Become a Thing of the Past

Once you get into a college, all of the worries you once had will disappear. All of the hair pulling, teeth grinding and restless nights will be long forgotten once you have entered college. This really goes to show how unnecessary it is to stress about college admissions!

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