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5 Conventional Hair Extension Difficulties Every Girl Faces

Every single piece of hair extension comes with the magical potential to transform even the simplest of hairstyle into an exquisite specimen of fashion and elegance. It is never an easy task to get your hair extensions right in the first few attempts. The skills required to uncover the hidden promise of beauty springs perfectly out of a dedicated practice more than anything else. Here is a compilation of major dilemmas that you would have to overcome if you want to find and fall in love with your perfect hair extension model:

Real hair extensions Vs Synthetic hair extensions

When you step out into the world of hair extensions, you'll come across two very popular names- Natural/real hair extensions and Synthetic hair extensions. Natural hair extensions are made from actual human hair. On the other hand, Synthetic hair extensions are created artificially from synthetic fibers like kanekalon. Besides the obvious difference of constitution, there are other things that make Real hair extensions a comparatively superior option than its synthetic counterparts:

Texture and feel

Synthetic hair extensions look way too shiny and artificial even in the most expertly blended extensions work. This is due to its composition of unnatural fibers. They stand out from among the rest of your hair, mostly in an undesired manner. Whereas, Real hair extensions will blend in perfectly with your hair and make it look like a part of your natural hair growth. It doesn’t have the fake hair look and feel to them as is the case with synthetic ones.

Ease of maintenance

Real hair extensions last longer and are easier to handle and manage than artificial ones. Your synthetic hair extensions are prone to damage from direct sunlight and application of heat styling tools. Synthetic hair is also harder to comb/brush as they tend to tangle easily. But, same is not the case with natural hair extensions. They are easily manageable; its almost like taking care of your natural hair! These are easier to dye and more heat styling compatible. So, if you want an extensions job that blends perfectly with your actual growth and is simple and smooth to handle, then Natural hair extensions is what you're looking for.

Cost considerations

They say that you can't put a price on quality; but, that might not always be the case. There are some great brands in the market that offer exceptional quality Real hair extensions within an affordable price range. Of course, you'll have to invest some time and energy in digging out these hidden treasures!

Time considerations

Getting a flawless hair extensions job done is a time-consuming process. You'll have to be patient if you want to be the stylish possessor of splendid new hair. Besides the initial time and effort involved in getting the job done, getting comfortable with your new hair integration takes some time too. But the admirable glances and comments you'll be gathering later, are sure to make up for this time investment.

Difference in the method of hair handling

Since your hair extensions have been integrated into your actual growth, you've to be more careful while taking care of these. While styling and brushing, you could be more gentle and try not to apply the same force as you earlier would with your natural hair. There are special shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes, etc., available in the market that have been specifically designed to suit hair extensions. You should avoid vigorous shampooing and rolling your hair up into a towel.

The traditional approach of brushing the hair from roots to end do not apply to extensions. To ensure that your comb doesn't pull on the roots of your weaves, you will now have brush from bottom towards the top. It is best to loosely braid or tie your hair into a ponytail before going to bed.

Additional stress on your scalp, hair, and head

Now that you are the enviable owner of a fabulous Real hair extensions job, you've also brought on extra weight over your shoulders, literally! Since your head and hairs are not used to this newest member, the initial few days might feel like you're carrying an additional load on your head. Although not a substantial difference, it is still quite noticeable. Some hair extensions can also make your scalp itchy.

Hair extensions, when done the right way, are truly a dream come true. If you think about it in a practical sense, then it is not such a big task either. All it takes is some minor adjustments and few days of familiarity with your new friend.

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